Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Embroidery motifs

Hi friends,

I did this embroidery some time back.
This is my old cotton salwar.  Its full of  thread work with small circles in gold thread.
I though to give a new look to it, so did some simple flower motifs using anchor cotton thread.
Hope you like it.

Top before embroidery.


Flower motifs done by me.

This is Border design. I used harringbone stitch and daisy stitch for this border.


  1. Beautiful Anitha. What are the stitches used especially the line in the bottom and the neckline?

  2. Hi Shami,

    Welcome to my blog.
    Its Harringbone stitch & Daisy Stitch.
    For neckline I dint do embroidery. Tailor did patchwork for neck.
    I am a fan for your tutorials. Its wonderful.