Tuesday, 17 July 2018

My Tiny Organic Kitchen Garden

Hi all,

I dont have much experience in growing vegetables.... after searching websites and you tube videos about terrace gardening, organic pesticides & compost making I started gardening.
Here are some of my kitchen garden pics .......

1)  This is Fenugreek Greens (Vendhaya Keerai in Tamil ). Sowed some chilli seeds in the same bin, later will plant in another place.

2)  This one is Radish (Mullangi) ... along with radish some mint is also there.

3) Mint...... directly I planted in the ground.

4) Green Dwarf Copper leaf (Ponnankanni in Tamil).

       Green Dwarf Copper leaf (Ponnankanni Keerai) is ready to cook.

Tomato & curry leaves from the garden.....

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